Avitus Developing

Avitus carries out the project "Avitus Developing" in a period March 2013 - April 2014. The project is funded by KÜSK National Foundation of Civil Society by 6006 EUR. 

The objective of the project is to increase Avitus NPO’s competence in: leadership, strategic planning and implementation in order to carry out daily oganization’s mission and goals, achieving public impact with activities and evaluating public impact, and public visibility of those activities.


During the project, Avitus NPO development plan for 3 years will be composed, involving the organization’s active members, partners from public sector, members of target groups, and expert in the process; the public impact evaluation system will be developed for Avitus’s two main fields (mood disorders, and parenting education field); the first public impact evaluation will be carried out; and the public will be informed about organization’s goals, future perspectives, and public impact evaluation results.


The target groups of the projects are people with mood disorders and their relatives, parents, and the social workers from parishes, and other specialists working with people. The benefitters of the project are Avitus NPO, the partners of the organization from public and third sector, and the financing organizations of the projects.